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Lily Pond Culture

The Systems of Nature #2


Lily Pond Culture, our ponds are filled to full with vast communities of life. Everything is connected! The Fish, illustrated here in silver lines are a big part of the health and food chain in the pond. The Black flies, bitey little buggers, are the most important to all other life in the pond.Why? They are the first protein to hatch out in early spring. These bugs feed the Frogs, Dragonflies, Fish and all other life in the pond. No food, no life. The pond plants, which are fighting with invasive species, taking over their watery world and is  making it hard for our native species to thrive and sometimes even exist at all. 

Winged wonders delight me, the Dragonflies, Mayflies and Damselflies are truly magical. They light atop a reed or at the edge of a Lily pad, always looking for food, a mate or a place to lay those eggs. 

Under the water a whole host of activity is going on. Snapping and Painted Turtles float lazily looking for their next meal, after the harrowing spring egg laying season dies down. These beauties lay their eggs up on the banks, sometimes next to roadways, yikes! 

At the end of the day, the buzz from the mosquitos is palpable, I put on bug spray and watch the Dragonflies dashing about, eating these quick moving insects, diving and dancing towards sunset. 

"The Divine is in all of the Systems of Nature." ~ Baruch Spinoza

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