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kdb Dominguez - Modern Nature Artist 
  I am a passionate observer and have been documenting nature since I was a very young women. In my later life I took to nature, everyday for my Wilderland Project,  a visual narrative of the Kennebec River Watershed. 2014-ongoing .
I came to understand the broad strokes and the nuances of the natural landscape communities, sometimes in the very same moment. 
 Going out most days, exploring, walking and observing, I was introduced to these special and specific communities of plants, animals and how it all worked together as a perfect system.
  John Muir famously said, "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." Wow, such truth in this brilliant sentence. I was young when I first heard this and it resonated with me, but now, after many years of immersion, I can feel every word, as if I wrote it myself. 

 I have had many mentors, through the writings they left behind including Rachel Carson, John Boroughs, and Henry David Thoreau. At times they have expanded my mind and even made me laugh out loud! I feel a kindred friendship with these wise and wonderful nature loving writers and influencers of their time and beyond!
 This series is my humble attempt to illustrate the connections and communities in nature. When we strive to understand the delicate balances and our relationship and interactions with the planet and all living things, we then can know how to "be," in and with nature. We must, so that we all may live together here in our Eden, that was created with stardust and energy. 
 I love my life spent in nature, a gentle peace, entirely complete, washes over me, as I dream myself to sleep.
Thank you for being interested. If you have questions, would like to visit my studio or gallery, drop me a note, let's connect, we are all leading each other home.
Enjoy your day, take a walk, smile and love our Mother Earth, there is no Planet B. 
kdb Dominguez
Spring- 2021


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